Exploring Some of the Many Uses for Cork and Cork Board

Cork board can help us keep our schedules on track and a cork board wall allows us to create privacy and separation from an open space.

Cork is completely natural plant source with very unique characteristics, which make it a great choice of materials for literally thousands of projects from creating acoustical ceilings and flooring to making trivets and trays, wine bottle corks, craft supplies and craft boards. It’s hard to believe that something as simple as the bark from a tree, cork, can be so useful in so many diverse ways. Moreover, cork is an environmentally friendly and renewable resource so you can it anywhere and everywhere without feeling guilty.

Using a Cork Board

A cork Board can be plain or simple in its design and it can range in size from an 8 X 10 inch wall hanging to a 12 X 14 foot (or more) wall or floor covering.

Almost every home has at least one cork board hanging around to keep busy schedules organized. The size of your family’s cork board may depend on the size of your family. The main person responsible for making sure that kids get to their doctor’s appointments and sporting events on time. There may be birthday party invitations and business cards from people you’ve met. There may be a better way to organize the messages on the board, or you may have your own method to the madness. Either way, your cork boards can be beautifully decorated to better fit in with your room’s décor.

You can cover it in a fabric to match the room without affecting the usefulness of the cork board itself or you may prefer to add just a fabric or a crocheted border around the edges. You can choose to use plain or decorative fasteners depending on the overall look you are aiming for. Buttons or beads added onto the faster can give it that little added touch that is just enough and not too much.

There are so many options to make your board a decorative one, just use your imagination to come up with some ideas of your own to find what best suits your decorating style.

The Functionality of a Cork Board Wall

You can also frame a large piece of cork to create a cork board wall to use as a room divider. Especially if you have two kids who share a room, a room divider can prevent many arguments. Allowing both kids to have some privacy within the walls of their room will allow them a place to change clothes or to study without being bothered by a sibling.

A cork board wall can also be a beautiful part of your home’s décor. You can instantly hide a kitchen when unexpected guests arrive or block off a corner of a room to create a private office or reading area.

Another great idea for cork is to cover a wall with cork blocks or sheets. You can create a memory wall with photos of friends and family, use a part of the wall as a message center and create a border of decorative flowers or sea shells. Besides looking decorative, the cork also helps to sound proof the wall as it increases the wall’s functionality. You don’t need to worry too much about getting the wall to be perfect, and you can change it very often to keep the room looking fresh and different.

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