The Key to a Perfect Do It Yourself Cork Wall

diy cork wallA cork wall can really turn the aesthetics of your home around. It’s a sustainable and useful material that can be as fashionable as it is functional.

One of the things that makes a cork wall a great DIY project is how easy the material is to work with. You can buy cork in several tile sizes or by the roll. It improves the insulation of a room and can help soundproof any area of your home.

1. Find the Right Cork

Before you start a project, it helps to determine what kind of cork product you will use. Tiles are easy to work with and can easily be cut around shelving, electrical outlets or cabinets. For smaller areas, you may want to consider purchasing smaller tiles, while larger walls may require a roll or large tiles.

2. Cut Cork and Adhere Cork Pieces

Now, it’s time to measure and cut the pieces you’ll need to complete the project. You can easily cut the pieces you need with a razor knife.

Once all the pieces are cut, it’s time to spread adhesive on the cork and stick it to the wall. To ensure the cork is properly secured, use a staple gun to staple the cork tiles to the wall.

3. Decorate Your Wall

Like wood, cork can be stained to a color of your choosing. While cork is harvested from the bark of a cork tree, the material can be stained using products designed for pine, oak and other traditional woods.

Simply pour the stain of your choice into a paint pan and use a brush to apply to the cork using long, even strokes. If the stain is water-based, it should dry in one to two hours. Apply additional coats until you are satisfied with the depth of your stain.

5. Benefits of Using Cork

Cork is a useful material that is cost effective and environmentally friendly. The material is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees and when it’s properly collected, does not harm the tree at all.

Cork is not only a popular material for crafts and pin boards. More people are using cork for flooring as well as cork walls. If you are looking for a material that is durable, versatile and environmentally friendly, consider a DIY cork wall.

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