Brown Cork Sheet 12″ X 36″ X 1/2″ Single Sheet

cork-board-tilesVery versatile
Available in many thicknesses and sizes
Moisture resistant cork
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Our Brown Cork Sheets can be used for vibration absorption, insulation, underlay, and technical applications. These value sheets are cured by sending each sheet through an oven to bind the cork. Fragile but effective, these brown cork sheets are perfect for users who do not need a fine finish. These Brown Cork Sheets allows for  a rustic effect, perfect for Do it yourself crafts and décor. Create bulletin boards, coasters and trivets. It even works great as a wall protector for darts. The possibilities are endless. Brown sheets are 100% natural and light weight. Offered in thicker sizes than conventional cork sheets, these allow greater densities at a more affordable price. Available in different sizes.

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